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Bola Pregnancy Necklaces

We have the largest selection of Bola Pregnancy Necklaces on the web, and the best quality.

Build your own Bola: choose your Pendant, your Harmony Ball and your ChainEvery Bola is unique.

Bolas are Pregnancy Necklaces from Indonesia.

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This unique pendant has many benefits. It calms the baby during pregnancy but it also compliments your belly.

How does the bola work?

The bola is a pendant containing a copper ball that rests on the pregnant woman's belly. The ball contains small metal balls. With each movement of your unborn child, the Bola emits a light sound that calms the baby down.

What to do with your Bola after the pregnancy?

Once the baby has arrived, you can continue to carry your Bola by shortening the cord. Your baby will be reassured by this familiar sound that will accompany him throughout his childhood.

A Bola Pregnancy Necklace is a great pregnancy souvenir.

    Authentic products handmade in Asia.

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