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"Clean Hands" Baby Changing Mat - 3 in 1

Baby Accessories

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"Clean Hands" Baby Changing Mat - 3 in 1 Baby Accessories Yellow - Serene Parents
"Clean Hands" Baby Changing Mat - 3 in 1 Baby Accessories Blue - Serene Parents
"Clean Hands" Baby Changing Mat - 3 in 1 Baby Accessories Yellow - Serene Parents


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  • Let his little hands explore! But maybe not in his diaper...

    The Baby Mat offers all the advantages of a portable changing mat, a diaper bag and a hanger for toys to redirect your toddler's curiosity away from his diaper...

    Once you've tried it, you'll wonder how you did it before!

    Less stress. Less mess. More fun.


    • A large waterproof, resistant and comfortable changing mat thanks to a 60 mm foam thickness
    • Sides fold back to create a barrier for hanging toys
    • Folds into a discreet and practical diaper bag

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