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Block Building and Balance Game (32 pieces)

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    • A NEW FUN AND CHALLENGING GAME - If you're tired of classic board games, Towtris™ combines the nostalgia of classic Tetris with a modern design.

    • DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS - Towtris™ helps to improve dexterity, patience, and critical thinking.

    tourtris jeu construction adresse

    • EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND SET UP - No cards, figurines, or dice. You can set up Towtris™ anywhere and start playing instantly.

    • REDUCE SCREEN TIME - Play with your loved ones and family to spend quality time away from phones, tablets, and computers.

    tourtris jeu construction adresse

    • EXCITING FOR ADULTS, EDUCATIONAL FOR KIDS - Towtris™ is not just a game. It's also an educational tool that promotes spatial cognition, problem-solving, and focus.

    • VERSATILE - With its vibrant colors and intuitive stacking mechanism, Towtris™ is suitable for players of all ages, so everyone can find their place.

    tourtris jeu construction adresse

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